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Product Reviews

*This website was created for portfolio purposes only. The identity and branding for this project is completely fictional and is not affiliated with any real company and you cannot order any products. As a student, this project is intended to display skills involved in the creation of the website. This project is in no way intended for commercial gain.

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Feel free to browse our product reviews below:

Sketch Pen 500

Purchased at: Best Buy

Initial response, is it is a great tool to add to my digital arsenal? When you want to draw away from your computer then bring it into Painter (through Photoshop) in the layers and continue on a project - it does the job.

John Smith

Pen Tab 1.8

Purchased at: Apple Store

Just purchased this tablet after wanting it for a while. So far so good. Love the apps that come with it. Using it with Photoshop Elements 11 for my digi-scrapping doodles.

Joan Waldo

Pen Tab 1.2

Purchased at: Amazon

I Got this tablet about 6 mounths ago for my birthday and it is amazing! I love how big the drawing area is and how smooth it feels. as an amature digital artist this tablet go's above and beyond my expectations. I just Love it!

Bill Johnson

Stylus RX

Purchased at: Staples

This stylus writes right everytime all the time. Not like other rubber tipped pens that only write for the first week or two then fail. If the nib breaks it can also be replaced very cheaply. Thsi is the only stylus that I know where you can do that. It is the Mont Blanc of iPad stylus pens!

Janet Wilson

Display Pro 680

Purchased at: Amazon

I love this thing, smooth, durable and friggin bigger than you probably are thinking. Its made my design work with Adobe Photoshop just so much more professional looking! I plan on getting the Cintiq 12 to be a little more portable.

Dan Franco

Purchased at: