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Stylus Planet

About Us

*This website was created for portfolio purposes only. The identity and branding for this project is completely fictional and is not affiliated with any real company and you cannot order any products. As a student, this project is intended to display skills involved in the creation of the website. This project is in no way intended for commercial gain.

Stylus Planet office building
Stylus Planet Factory

About Stylus Planet

We brought together the best and brightest software engineers and hardware developers to design a better, more productive product to enhance all aspects of the user experience. In doing this we were able to achieve the redefining of "Pen to Paper" creative development and apply it to a computer based environment. Hawking and his team develop top of the line stylus pen technology, pen tablets and interactive displays.

"I have been a graphic designer for over 20 years and I prefer the traditional pen to paper medium. But living in a digital age, I have now been forced to use digital tablets. At first I did not care for digital tablets until I bought my first Pen Tab 2.1 from Stylus Planet. Now I do not create anything without it. The realistic feel of using a traditional pen that this tablet offers is undeniably one of a kind."

         Nicholas Gruber / Graphic Designer

It takes time to make technology affordable to source and manufacture. After an exhausting development period we are now proud to say that our products are available at competitive prices due to the fact that we now manufacture all of our products in the U.S.A., at our facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.